Wolf Child

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Lottery Mouse: There there... Ok ok... Good girl...

Captain: Huh? Lottery mouse! Why are you on the floor like that?

Captain: Did you find cheese on the floor? Don't eat stuff on the ground...

Lottery Mouse: I wouldn't call it cheese but yea she a tough one. So tone your voice down man.

Lottery Mouse: Com'ere... C'mon... That's right!!!

Captain: Hm... I think the cold is getting to L-mouse's head and froze some of his brain cells...

Bibi: Grrrrr... Grrrrrrrrr...

Captain: Huh...? Okay, that's definitely not cheese... Wait!?

Captain: Have we ever met before? That time when I woke up on the snowfields, I'm pretty sure...

Bibi: Sniff- Sniff-

Bibi: Unfamiliar smell... Grrrrrr... Grrrrrrrrr...

Lottery Mouse: Oh, caps! Try howling!

Captain: Huh? Howling? Why? Ahwooooo - Like this?

Lottery Mouse: Yea man. It's the language of the wolves. Heard wolves like her will let down her guards once the alpha of the pack howls first.

Captain: Really? Ahwooooo~

Bibi: Uh?

Bibi: Ahwooooo~!

Captain: Woah! That's cool! She sounds just like a wolf!

Bibi: My mama's a wolf.

Captain: Oh... Kay... Not sure what you mean, but it's nice to meet you. I'm the captain of this place.

Bibi: I'm Bibi.

Captain: Hey L-Mouse, is Bibi a Werewolf or a Sapien?

Lottery Mouse: Hm... Imma guess and say she a wolf child.

Captain: A wolf child...!?