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Diabolic Physiotherapist
Therapy's artwork for Blustone.
Blustone character
Debut April 6, 2018

It's time to start physiotherapy now that the battle is over. Since there's little time, take off your clothes now.

— Therapy

Therapy is a playable hunter in Blustone. Therapy is the best physiotherapist responsible for the care of Midgard hunters' muscle cramps. Her specialization in ice pack cooling treatments and massages has excellent healing effects. Therapy doesn't show interest in anything and may seem like a cold person, but when she is dealing with her patients, she shows passion and sauciness, embarrassing the hunters in the process. Therapy provides all team members with instant pain relief through her ice pack treatment. The hunter who is on the front line in battle will temporarily gain an increase in defensive ability, and may also gain an increase in offensive power. Additionally, the physical condition of team members who continue to receive Therapy's treatment is improved and their block resistance strength increases.


She is sometimes referred to as a Diabolic Physiotherapist because she strips off her patient's clothes for massages instantly and without permission. Sometimes she hears the word "pervert", but she doesn't mind it at all.


Hunter Rank Description Effect Activation Target
Experienced Hunter
Emergncy Ice Pack Health recovery Active Field teammate
Skill1 therapy.png Therapy cools down the pain with her ice pack for her teammate who is on the front line. This gives a huge healing effect instantly.
Experienced Hunter
Increased Defense Temporarily increases defense

Lv.50  30%

Follows active Field teammate
Skill2 blockup.png When using Emergency Ice Pack, the cold fully invigorates the teammate on the front line, increasing the hunter's defense temporarily.
Public Health Increased maximum health

Lv.50  10%

Passive Team
Skill3 heal.png A helper should be in charge of the entire team's health and wellbeing.
Proficient Hunter
Fully Body Ice Pack Temporarily increases damage dealt

Lv.50  30%

Follows active Field teammate
Skill4 therapy.png By chance, during Ice Pack Treatment, Therapy will treat the entire body for muscle cramps. The treated hunter's damage will be increased temporarily.
Master Hunter
Diabolic Physiotherapist Increased damage reduction block

Lv.50  20%

Passive Team
Skill5 therapy.png Therapy's massages and ice pack cooling helps her teammates restore their condition. All team members' block damage reduction rate increases.


Type Description Effect
Weapon Ice Pack Increases attack


Weap therapy.png A chill down the spine! Aching fades away! It is therapy's ice pack that can even cure the symptoms of cold hands or feet.
Armor Lab Coat Increases defense


Armor therapy.png A clean lab coat she wears for her patient's safety. But it is never safe under Therapys rough and unsparing treatment.
Accessory Ice Cube Character bracelet Increases HP


Acc therapy.png Cubic and Icy. If you can differentiate the two characters, then you can be Therapy's soul mate!

Your Journey Thus Far[edit]


  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3


  • "I see you had a long day... Your shoulders look stiff." (introduction)
  • “Now, who’s next for my ice pack treatment?” (beginning of battle)
  • “I’ll rest now…” (upon defeat)