The Poison and the Cure

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The Poison and the Cure
White Island episode
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 2
Preview There was no way to tell which choice was right. That's where everything began...
Release November 24, 2016
Episode Chronology
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"Broken Memories"
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The Poison and the Cure is the second episode of White Island season 2.


Please note that certain item or location names may not be exact.

Stairway Passage

  • Examine the doctor
  • Obtain Bloodied Paper Note
  • Examine the nurse
  • After talking with the nurse, examine her abdominal area
  • Obtain Doctor's Gown from doctor and Doctor Taeyoung Lee's Key Card
  • Use Doctor's Gown on nurse
  • Obtain Nurse

Hospital Hallway

  • Use Doctor Taeyoung Lee's Key Card on operating room #2
  • Go into operating room

Surgery Room

  • Use Nurse on operating table
  • Obtain Blood Type O from the refrigerator and use it on the IV hanger
  • Obtain Empty Needle and Surgical Drill
  • Leave Surgery Room

Hospital Hallway

  • Talk to the male terrorist
  • Choose [Hand] and [Leg]

Storage Room

  • Use Surgical Drill on lock
  • Obtain Tape, Anesthetic, Cathether
  • Obtain Shotgun next to terrorist
  • Go back to operating room #2

Surgery Room

  • Obtain Dirty Doctor's Gown
  • Give Anesthetic and Empty Needle to Nurse
  • Obtain Strange Ampule and give Shotgun to Nurse
  • Go to the lobby where Eunhwa is


  • Select [Incomplete] when talking to Jina
  • Give Strange Ampule as proof
  • Select [Medicine Cabinet] in dialogue
  • Go to operating room #2

Surgery Room

  • Obtain Nurse
  • Go to secret passageway in operating room #3

Laboratory Entrance

  • Use Doctor Taeyoung Lee's Keycard on card reader

Distinfection Room

  • Check warning sign to the right
  • Check the circuitry on the floor

Disinfection Control Room

  • Check tank with disinfection fluid
  • Use Surgerical Drill on tank then Cathether
  • Obtain Half-Full Tank
  • Combine Half-Full Tank with Empty Tumbler

Disinfection Room

  • Use Tumbler on the floor circuitry
  • Combine Dirty Doctor's Gown with Scalpel
  • Use Cloth on tumbler
  • Go to operating room #2

Surgery Room

  • Use Nurse on anesthetic gas tank
  • Use Empty Gas Tank
  • Go to Disinfection Control Room

Disinfection Control Room

  • Combine Anesthetic Tank with Surgical Drill
  • Use Anesthetic Tank with sleeping gas tank
  • Use Surgical Tape on tank
  • Go to lobby where Eunhwa is

Central Lobby

  • Talk to Jina then go to the Disinfection Control Room

Disinfection Room

  • Obtain Electricuter
  • Save Eunhwa after gunshot
  • Press red button on the left


  • Check on Jina
  • Reunite with Nurse and obtain Shotgun
  • Talk to Eunhwa