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Admin mop.PNGThis user is an administrator on the VSFan wiki. (verify)
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  • Optional parameter 1: the name of the site on which the user is an admin
  • lang_code parameter: used together with the optional parameter 1
  • info-size and logo-size parameters can alter the size of the text and image, respectively.
  • othertext can include any kind of text appended straight after 'administrator' (with the possibility to mention any other user rights the account has).
  • RFA parameter: the wikilink (without square brackets) of the user's RFA (English Wikipedia only)
  • recall parameter: with "recall=yes", the page is placed in Category: Wikipedia administrators open to recall
  • Optional parameter noannounce=yes: Replaces the message and verify link with a message that says "This user don't need no stinkin' badges." Also replaces the image with a sheriff badge.