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This textbox is used to represent character conversations where a transcript is more preferable over a summary


| position = left / right /center
| hunter = Acerola / Captain / Rebecca or nothing for exclamations
| location = Fight Club / Hunter Supply Station / Suspicious Shop etc
| quote = Your quote is just plain text

The position selector is used to position the characters portrait on the left or right side. In general, the main subject of the conversation eg; Acerola in "Acerola's Story" should be on the left. In instances where a conversation has no main subject eg; fates or "Midgard's Story", I would recommend either making the main subject the character who appears to be the "leader" in the conversation.

The hunter and location selectors should NOT be links. This is because hunter is also used in constructing the image link. Location is used nowhere else but I've kept it a non-link (in the parameters) for consistency. The template will turn both into links of course.

Quote is just a plain text string which you can include links in to place and character references although try not to overdo it eg; no point linking to a character in the conversation or more than once



Captain @ Hunter Supply Station

I'm about to head off to the Ornithopter Platform.


Acerola @ Midgard

I don't think he realises the signal isn't on...


Captain @ Ornithopter Platform

Huh?! Where's Lana and the Ornithopter?!

??? @ Unknown Snowfields