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Unknown Snowfields
Blustone location
Prerequisites Install the game
Debut Patch 0.9.3

Beyond the Bounds location
Prerequisites Install the game
Debut Beyond The Bounds

Geomun Island
White Island location
Prerequisites Install the game
Debut White Island


As you can see above, the Location template only a few parameters for now:

| name = Alfheimr
| series = ''[[Beyond the Bounds]]''
| prerequisites = Reach Episode 1
| debut = [[Patch_0.9.3_(Blustone)|Patch 0.9.3]]

Name refers to the name of the location. It is often listed at the top of the screen in most VisualShower titles.

Series refers to one of the three valid series: Blustone, Beyond the Bounds or White Island. This parameter determines the colour scheme of the Location box as well.

Prerequisites are generally only used for Blustone areas and list requirements such as "Unlocked after Area 3" or "Unlocked at Lv 7".

Debut is intended for post-launch additions in Blustone such as the Aircraft Entrance. It may be used for locations that appear say, halfway through a season of White Island but it hasn't been decided on yet.