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{{{series}}} character
First appearance {{{first}}}
First game {{{firstgame}}}
Created by {{{creator}}}
Designed by {{{designer}}}
Voiced by {{{voiced by}}}
Motion capture {{{motion capture}}}
Portrayed by {{{portrayed by}}}
Fictional profile
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series characters
Example image not be used in article namespace.jpg
First appearance firstappearance
First game firstgame
Created by creator
Designed by artist
Voiced by (English) voiceactor
Voiced by (Japanese) japanactor
Motion capture motionactor
Portrayed by liveactor
Fictional profile
{{Infobox video game character
| name = 
| series = 
| multiple = 
| image = 
| caption = 
| firstappearance = 
| firstgame = 
| creator = 
| artist = 
| born = 
| voiceactor = 
| japanactor = 
| motionactor = 
| liveactor = 
| inuniverse = 

All fields other than name are optional.

The inuniverse parameter allows for subtemplates for certain video games.


There are a number of subtemplates which can be used in the inuniverse field.