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Missing hunters search schedule rotation.


There are certain hunters that go missing time to time during excavations. For an unknown reason, these missing hunters get caught up in the ruins. These hunters that have lost their minds will regard exploring hunters as intruders and attack without warning.

The Hunter Union announces hunters that go missing, and hunter teams can explore the applicable ruins to look for the missing hunter and find their traces. Anyone can enter the ruins once they confirm the Union's announcement without the use of fuel.

The Excavation Association always has two missing person posters from the Hunter Union and a poster changes every Sunday 12:00 (GMT+9).

Missing Hunter Areas[edit]

Deep in the Wolf's Mouth[edit]

Available trace: Rebecca Trace.png Rebecca

Deep in the Emerald Canyon[edit]

Available trace: Gerard Trace.png Gerard

The Heart of Giant's Shelter[edit]

Available trace: Riko Trace.png Riko

The Heart of North Highland[edit]

Available trace: Mowgli Trace.png Mowgli

The Top of the Black Rock Mountain[edit]

Available trace: Denali Trace.png Denali

Deep in the Silence Forest[edit]

Available trace: Levi Trace.png Levi