Patch (Blustone)

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Game Blustone
Previous Patch


  • Dormitory space cap has been raised from 84 to 96
  • Account pages now display the users country
  • The Recommended Friends page now displays more users
  • A temporary Hidden Store now displays Silver skill items
  • The number of available dispatches has been increased per veteran rank

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Changing cat channels would catch the game in some cases
  • Recruiting 3-star hunters could crash the game in some cases
  • Mitigated cases where render issues would cause grey lines to appear on the screen
  • BGM now longer ends midway through a battle
  • Chat messages are no longer accidentally duplicated
  • Fixed a big that would display 0 items received during dispatches
  • Region unlock requirements would incorrectly display in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where locked hunters would be displayed as exploring
  • General stability improvements