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Game Blustone
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New Hunter[edit]

  • Patrone was added to the game
  • Scar was added to the game


  • Added a special effect for transcended hunters that renders while at the Midgard bridge
  • Changes in a hunters condition now reflects in battle through the triggering of special effects
  • When defeated in any battle mode, the player will see a more detailed defeat screen
  • New packages have been added and some packages will be modified
  • Upon skipping the auto-combat timer with Manda, a percentage sale for the amount spent will trigger
  • The wild hunters in each region now use their own skills during the area boss fight
  • Some page render times have been decreased
  • Purchasing any of the main currencies with Manda will now prompt the user for confirmation first
  • Accumulated check-in days will now count even if the player doesn't actually launch the app
  • Clicking the Daily Check-in assignment bubble will now move the player to the check in page
  • New friend requests will display while in town
  • Auto-combat, missing hunters and unconfirmed defensive matches will now trigger notifications that move the player to their respective pages
  • It is now possible to remove all hunters when forming a team to make formation easier

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • The helper tab alarm would not trigger properly while on the hunter recruitment page
  • While in the Hunter Gym, notifications would always be active in some cases
  • Leaving a review would take the player to the wrong page
  • In some cases, renewing the abyss wouldn't function properly
  • Sorting now works correctly in the Hunter Shop
  • Fixed rendering issues that appeared as white lines around sprites
  • General stability improvements

Undocumented Changes[edit]

  • Sunny is now recruitable from Elite Requests, provided the player has already purchased a Season Pass for White Island Season 2