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Game Blustone
Date September 20, 2017
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Released early on September 15th

  • New regions have been added
  • Lottery Mouse now record players "mileage" when using Elite Requests and hitting certain mileage milestones will unlock player rewards

Released on September 20th

  • The actual mileage UI has been added. The system began accruing mileage on the 15th but wasn't viewable until the 20th
  • The Recruit Hunters page will now display how many traces the player possesses
  • Lottery Mouse is now able to be catapulted by the player when he begins the search for a new hunter
  • Tapping the thumbnail of an item or profile will now display its details page
  • Daily assignments will sort to the bottom of the list upon completion
  • Skills will now display tags in the training page to better convey their usage target such as self/party or active/passive)
  • The display of the 30★ chests in each region have been improved

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Thumbnails should now function correctly again in Fight Club
  • The lock feature has been improved when on the hunter select screen
  • Missing Hunter battles could lead to crashes which have been stabilised.
  • Hunter and enemy positioning could sometimes be off slightly during battles
  • Additional sound effects now accompany detail pages
  • Faint graphics glitches that would appear as lines would appear on various devices
  • Fight Club now displays the correct elemental tags for each hunter
  • General memory usage and performance optimisations