Patch (Blustone)

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Game Blustone
Date July 12, 2017
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  • Daily fuel supply has been increased from 30 to 45
  • Hunter dormitory cap has been raised from 57 to 72
  • Progress in the Expedition Area and Fight Club is now visible while in Midgard
  • Buildings in Midgard now have name labels
  • The ability to skip stories has been added
  • Players can now send mail directly from another player's information page
  • An ad reward system has been added
  • An Events tab has been added to the forums
  • The daily assignments page now has a shortcut to the last area visited
  • The "Area Cleared" results page now displays increased combat points
  • A "Manage Hunters" section has been added to the menu
  • An "Inventory" section has been added to the menu
  • The functionality of the chatroom has been modified
  • Daily assignments have been added to replace the Living the Hunter Life event
  • The price of Fuel Coupons, Rupee Tickets, Challenge Invitation Coupons have all been modified
  • The store refresh time has been modified

Bug Fixes[edit]

Incoming calls would often trigger the app to show a black screen

  • Auto-combat could glitch the fuel regeneration time
  • Fight Club no longer distributes an abnormal amount of experience
  • The display performance of the hunter list has been improved
  • Listing users comes glitches the avatar border
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes