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Game Blustone
Date May 25, 2017
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  • Users can now see other players' main hunter walking around the bridge in the center of Midgard
  • The chat window now displays thumbnails of other users avatars
  • Hunters at their maximum levels will now display a badge over their icon
  • Fuel is now used only once an area is cleared instead of at the beginning of a battle
  • Pressing the back button on a device will now prompt the user if they would like to exit the game
  • Lottery Mouse's notification has been modified
  • All Hunters are now displayed when training or advancing a hunter
  • Fight Club's drag sensitivity has been altered
  • General layout has been reworked
  • The Hunter class tabs within the Traces page now notify the player (of the current trace count?)

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • A bug that could cause screen freezing has been mitigated
  • Leaving the app idle in the background now no longer logs the player out after a lengthy amount of time
  • Combat power would display incorrectly when a Hunter advanced to Proficient (4 star)
  • The "Prizes gained" notification in Fight Club would not display correctly when advancing a tier on certain occasions
  • Certain Korean fonts would not display in certain situations
  • Game stability has been improved
  • A typo in one of the stories has been corrected
  • Certain hunter's skills would display a bugged skill value
  • Tabs in the "Find a hunter" screen would sometimes reset after having used traces