Patch (Blustone)

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Game Blustone
Date May 18, 2017
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  • Players are now able to add their friends to a friends list
  • The quality of animation during the tutorial has been enhanced
  • User profiles now display the users thumbnail (not applied in chat yet)
  • General game stability improvements have been made
  • The chat layout has been adjusted
  • The quality of some sound effects have been improved
  • Rupees can now be purchased from the fuel purchase window
  • The tutorial now displays a finger to better communicate attacking is done via tapping the screen
  • A message is now displayed if no Fight Club opponents could be found for the player
  • The sensitivity in Fight Club has been adjusted
  • When changing teammates, the transition time does not count towards the clear time goal

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Auto-combat would not time out if left idling in the background
  • The game would sometimes crash when refreshing the Hunter Shop inventory
  • Area information would sometimes not be displayed properly after being defeated
  • The sound effects for certain abilities would not play in certain cases