Patch 1.0.0 (Blustone)

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Patch 1.0.0
Game Blustone
Date May 14, 2017
Previous Patch 0.9.9
Next Patch


Blustone is now available globally.


  • "Auto-combat" has been re-labelled as "Dispatch"
  • Users can now add friends to a friends list
  • Improved the Settings menu
  • Added the ability to change language between English, Korean and Japanese
  • Users can now view other players stats pages
  • Implemented monthly packages for in-app purchase
  • Kicked off the first in-app purchase event
  • BGM has been changed for the title page and Midgard
  • Gaining stars upon clearing a stage now generates a visual effect
  • Recruiting a new Hunter now generates a visual effect
  • Improved network stability
  • Improved chatroom usability

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed a number of random app crashes
  • Some items would malfunction upon entering a shop
  • Fix an issue where the app would slow down if the player had too many Hunters
  • Back stories would sometimes not display properly for certain characters