Patch 0.9.8 (Blustone)

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Patch 0.9.8
Game Blustone
Date April 7, 2017
Previous Patch 0.9.7
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  • The Fight Club is now available upon clearing North Highlands
  • The Fight Club shop has now opened
  • Design of the battle results screen has been tweaked
  • The area screen now displays only one mission notification at a time
  • Hunter skills now have sound effects
  • Players now have a thumbnail and player information page displayed to others while using the chatroom feature
  • An alarm icon has been added in the players menu
  • The app has been optimised to improve performance
  • Chat usability has been improved
  • Network communication has been further optimised
  • Font readability has been improved
  • The title banner now displays upon startup

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed a rupee display bug while using the Hunter Gym
  • Fixed an issue where more than four Hunters could be selected in the Hunter Gym
  • Added text wrapping to fix potential dialogue overflow
  • Fixed some text input errors