Patch 0.9.7 (Blustone)

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Patch 0.9.7
Game Blustone
Date March 30, 2017
Previous Patch 0.9.6
Next Patch 0.9.8


  • The size of the character dialog box has been increased
  • Schumann is now introduced to the player earlier in the tutorial stage
  • The app has been optimised to use less memory
  • New sound effects have been added
  • The user can now specify a banner to be viewed by other players
  • New lines of dialogue have been added
  • Hunter progression is now visible by glancing at their thumbnails
  • Character skill usage has been improved
  • Overall layout design has been tweaks to improve the reading experience for the player

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Labels for Midgard shops would sometimes disappear
  • The Mission menu contained a typo that has now been corrected