Patch 0.9.6 (Blustone)

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Patch 0.9.6
Game Blustone
Date March 30, 2017
Previous Patch 0.9.5
Next Patch 0.9.7


  • Users can now access global chatrooms
  • Added a new starter package aimed at new players
  • Replaced the tutorial images with improved versions
  • Implemented new boss monsters for some of the stages
  • A proper port from vertical to widescreen is now provided
  • A Hunter rating and feedback system has been added
  • Opening a new menu now generates tutorial popups
  • Drops are now visible on the area selection screen
  • Push notifications now have a brand new icon
  • The design of Midgard has been balanced out
  • Acquiring a new Hunter now triggers an event unique to that character
  • Players can now go immediately to the next screen from the battle results screen
  • The refuelling animations are now smoother
  • The title screen's quality has been improved
  • Non-hunter area enemies now have bonus stats

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • The response time when pressing the Home Button has been increased
  • Certain pages had display issues
  • Slightly slowed the fade in of the title logo
  • Fixed some sound related bug
  • The loading time for rendering Midgard has been decreased
  • Tutorial stages now display damage properly
  • EXP gain has been balanced out
  • Buttons have been fixed to ease difficulties due to positioning
  • Fixed a bug where monster stats would sometimes be displayed to the player