Patch 0.9.5 (Blustone)

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Patch 0.9.5
Game Blustone
Date March 22, 2017
Previous Patch 0.9.4
Next Patch 0.9.6


  • Added the ability for the player to jump when double tapping the bridge
  • Created background effects for the Hunter advancement screen

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed a bug where no sounds or animation would play when double tapping
  • Performing a different character's skill could sometimes cause errors
  • Fixed an issue with visual effects not rendering when a character died due to the time limit running out
  • Some players were unable to receive their daily rewards on the main rewards page
  • Some players were unable to properly redeem their 6th Day Bonus Reward
  • Fixed errors in the calculation for Block Chance, Block Resistance, Critical Damage Chance and Critical Damage