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Animal Lover
Pansy's artwork for Blustone.
Blustone character
Debut September 14, 2018

Can I leave now? It’s time to feed my little friends.

— Pansy

Pansy is a playable hunter in Blustone.


Since childhood, Pansy was gifted with a special ability of talking to animals. He shows a lot of love and care for animals, but treats people in a very cold manner. Pansy doesn’t even bother to welcome new teammates. The only thing that catches his attention in Midgard are animals like Pandahawk, Red, Beckhen, and Karl Steiner’s Set.

Contrary to his appearance, he is neither a girl nor a child, both of which Dino and Diana mistake him for. As Balian reminded him, he used to be very sociable with people in the past, but changed after he was deserted from his tribe due to his ability.

Pansy's goal is to save up enough money to buy a forest where everyone can live together harmoniously. Upon hearing about this, Diana and Dino donate money to him to put towards his dream.


Hunter Rank Description Effect Activation Target
Experienced Hunter
Midgard Choir Recovery over time Active Team
Skill1 pansy.png Pansy and his animal friends sing in chorus. HP of all teammates is recovered.
Experienced Hunter
Loss of Attack Ability Enemy stops attacking temporarily

Lv.50  3 sec

Follows active Enemy
45px The enemy is amazed by the animal choir and temporarily loses their will to attack.
Experienced Hunter
Public Health Increased maximum health

Lv.50  10%

Passive Team
Skill3 heal.png A helper should be in charge of the entire team's health and wellbeing.
Proficient Hunter
Mia's Blessing Recovery over time Follows active Field teammate
Skill4 pansy.png After singing, Mia shows affection to the teammate in the front line. The teammate in the front line receives continuous recovery.
Master Hunter
Bonding Increased block chance

Lv.50  20%

Passive Team
45px Teammates have a bonding moment with Pansy and his animal friends. All teammates increase their chances of defense.


Type Description Effect
Weapon Cat Rod Increases attack


55px Cats love it! Have them entertained!
Armor Warming Jacket Increases defense


55px This jacket will keep you from frost bites even when you take a long walk in the cold forest.
Accessory Mia Increases HP


55px A cat that loves Pansy and never leaves his side.

Your Journey Thus Far[edit]


  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3


  • “My friends. It’s time to sing.” (beginning of battle)
  • “I want to return to the forest…” (upon defeat)

In-Game Usage[edit]

Pansy is not commonly used in all areas of the game, though he can occasionally be sighted in Fight Club defense teams. He shares his 5th skill with Denali, which allows your team to survive longer in battles. However, this skill is countered by Patrone and Beckhen, both of whom have a large presence in Fight Club.

Upon using his skill, Pansy forces the opponent to switch out, or spend 3 seconds on the field doing nothing. This could prevent opponents from doing the most damage possible.



The Pansy is a type of large-flowered plant. However, it is also a slang term for a weak and cowardly man.


Character Attributes
Attack Speed 7
Stat Details: Attack
Critical Damage Chance 14
Critical Damage 185
Armor Penetration 0
Stat Details: Defense
Block Chance 14
Damage Reduction Block 40
Strengthen Elemental Attributes 5
Elemental Attack Resistance 5
Life Regeneration 44