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Noble Spear
A screenshot of Natalia from Blustone.
Blustone character
Debut November 24, 2017

A true warrior gives their best, no matter who the opponent may be. Do not expect mercy from me.

— Natalia

Natalia is a playable hunter in Blustone.


Natalia was one of the best warriors of a large and wealthy werewolf tribe. Although she was the daughter of the tribe chief, she became the best warrior based on her skill and was awarded an ancient spear. Because her skills were so outstanding, she became a common target among rival tribes. Natalia takes her inheritance and high-profile for granted, resulting in strange situations as she moves over to Midgard.

Eventually, all the other werewolf tribes united against Natalia's family, and they lost the tribal war, rendering her as the only survivor.


Due to being raised in a privileged household, Natalia is not used to life in Midgard at first, but adapts to it over time. Despite no longer really being royalty, many people in Midgard still treat her as though she is, addressing her respectfully. She seems to be tired of it at times, instead preferring Tyltyl's no-nonsense attitude, seeing it as a fresh kind of hospitality.

She has great respect for Athena, who taught her how to wield her spear better. The two of them have great differences in opinion when it comes to food, but otherwise get along quite well.

Unlike most hunters, Natalia finds Bear to be very cute, and was appalled that other residents of Midgard were afraid of her. Hence, she trains Bear to follow her commands and convinces the other residents that Bear is not dangerous, and Bear continues to live on in Midgard.

Dino is childhood friends with Natalia, revealing that she used to be called "Soul of the blue flame". In order to not reveal to Lana that he is from the Dinos family, Natalia quickly makes up a lie and says that Dino used to be one of her family's slaves.


Hunter Rank Description Effect Activation Target
Experienced Hunter
Elegant Discipline Deals damage over time Active Enemy
Skill1 Natalia.png A super-fast continuous attack that is graceful and overwhelms the enemy. And disable enemy's immunity for 10 seconds.
Experienced Hunter
Decrease Enemy Block Chance Decreases enemy block chance

Lv.50  35%

Follows active Enemy
Skill2 blockdown.png The enemy's defense falters due to the fast, continuous attack.
Experienced Hunter
Offensive Instincts Increases damage dealt

Lv.50  15.00%

Passive Self
Skill3 atk.png An offensive hunter shows exceptional concentration while attacking enemies.
Proficient Hunter
Additional Damage Deals damage Follows active Enemy
Skill4 critdmg.png During Elegant Discipline, she stabs her enemy's weak spot by chance. When using this skill, she can ignore half of her enemy's DP.
Master Hunter
Noble Spear Decreases damage reduction block

Lv.50  10% (can stack up to 50%)

Passive Enemy
Skill5 Natalia.png Attacking with this ancient weapon, enemies cannot reduce much damage. She can continuously reduce enemy's block damage reduction rate.


Type Description Effect
Weapon Noble Spear Increases attack


Weap natalia.png A spear that guards the precious owner's daughter, following his command, "Take care of Natalia."
Armor Luxurious Dress Increases defense


Armor natalia.png A high-priced dress that has both elegance and durability. It was a masterpiece by a famous designer.
Accessory Last Goodbye Increases HP


Acc natalia.png A blue ribbon that Natalia's father tied to her spear just before he died.

Your Journey Thus Far[edit]


  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3


  • “I shall give you an honorable death.” (beginning of battle)
  • “But I can still fight…!” (upon defeat)