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Walking Infirmary
Joy Gym.png
Blustone character
Debut November 3, 2017

Oh my... are you hurt? But don’t worry. If you promise to stay still, I’ll heal you up in no time.

— Joy

Joy is a playable hunter in Blustone.


The nurse of Midgard. She's still young but her medical skills are outstanding. Joy is Midgard’s representative nurse. It’s likely that there are many others with her level of skills but only she can show off her skills anywhere, anytime.

Apparent by her nickname “Walking Infirmary,” Joy is the only one that is able to heal wherever, whether it be the fiery abyss, snowy snowfields, or a valley full of monsters. But despite her cute appearance, she scares her teammates due to her relentless healing methods. However, this fear also causes teammates to attack stronger than usual, so many Midgard Captains look forward to recruiting Joy.


Hunter Rank Description Effect Activation Target
Experienced Hunter
Walking Infirmary Recovery over time Active Field Teammate
Skill1 joy.png Joy will set up a clinic anywhere and at any time, and give 100% of her effort to nurse her teammates.
Experienced Hunter
Critical Strike Chance Increased Temporarily increases chances of dealing critical hits

Lv.50  35%

Follows active Field Teammate
Skill2 critup.png A teammate on the front lines receives an unknown treatment and is temporarily able to strike with more power.
Experienced Hunter
Public Health Increased maximum health

Lv.50  10%

Passive Team
Skill3 heal.png A helper should be in charge of the entire team's health and wellbeing.
Proficient Hunter
Continuous Healing Recovery over time Follows active Field Teammate
Skill4 hot.png A special injection is included during the Walking Infirmary by chance. It hurts a lot, but it gives a continuous healing.
Master Hunter
Hospital Phobia Increases damage dealt

Lv.50  15%

Passive Team
Skill5 joy.png The treatment your team got in the infirmary must have been scary as they fight more frantically when Joy is on the team.


Type Description Effect
Weapon Combat Wheelchair Increases attack


55px Joy argues that this wheelchair is for patient's transport, but no one wants to be in a wheelchair that has drills on it.
Armor Nursing Officer Uniform Increases defense


55px A nurse uniform that nursing officers wore during the war. It has been updated according to Joy's taste.
Accessory First Aid Kit Bag Increases HP


55px A bag that contains emergency medicine so she can immediately treat patients anywhere, anytime.

Your Journey Thus Far[edit]


  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3


  • “Don’t worry about getting hurt. I’m here!” (beginning of battle)
  • “E-Eugh! Medical treatment for today is closed…” (upon defeat)

In-Game Usage[edit]

Due to her increasing the damage for the team upon reaching 5★, Joy is a commonly used hunter among both Fight Club offense teams and teams for expeditions, abyss and mirage. Her skill has a higher percentage buff than bombers' 3rd skills, and she is well-known for being an offense-oriented support. This allows for faster clear times compared to most other supports.

On the flip side, Joy could hinder your team to some extent if you face units such as Dumble or Crocus, as they deal skill damage proportionate to the enemy's attack power. Lastly, it has been noted that she will heal slightly less than other forward continuous healers such as Acerola or Bruce Bang.



Joy is likely a reference to Nurse Joy from Pokémon.


Character Attributes
Attack Speed 7
Stat Details: Attack
Critical Damage Chance 14
Critical Damage 180
Armor Penetration 0
Stat Details: Defense
Block Chance 14
Damage Reduction Block 42
Strengthen Elemental Attributes 5
Elemental Attack Resistance 5
Life Regeneration 43