Hunters' Drop Rate

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<Drop Rate in Elite Requests> 3★ - 4.76% 2★ - 19.05% 1★ - 76.19% 3★ ranks are divided into [Pre-existing] and [New], and hunters a divided based on their release date. Half of 3★ hunters that have been released recently are categorized into [New] and the other half is categorized into [Pre-existing]. (In case there is an odd number of 3★ hunters in total, there will be one more hunter in [Pre-existing] than [New].)

The percentage of [New] and [Pre-existing] are separated as follows. 3★ [New] - 40% 3★ [Pre-existing] - 60% The number of [New] and [Pre-existing] is the same and it will be kept the same or with a difference of 1, so the difference between acquisition is about 1.4~1.6 times.

<Drop Rate in 2★ Requests> 3★ - 14.23% 2★ - 85.77% Similar to Elite Requests, 3★ hunters are divided into [New] and [Pre-existing] and is 40% and 60% respectively.

<Drop Rate in 3★ Requests> Only 3★ hunters appear in 3★ Requests. The hunters are also divided into [New] and [Pre-existing] and have a probability of 40% and 60% respectively.

<Event Hunters & Hidden Hunter> There are certain hunters that do not appear in all players' Elite Requests and only appear for players that have that certain hunter. There are currently one 2★ hunter and one 3★ hunter that applies to this condition. These hunters have the same drop rate as other hunters of the same rank. However, the 3★ hidden hunter is always categorized into [New], regardless of his release date.

The method of securing the drop rate of these hidden hunters is not only by its hunter grade, but by lowering the drop rate of all hunters appearing in the Elite Request by a small amount. Therefore, there will be no difference felt in drop rate in Elite Requests. But with the 3★ request, you may feel a difference in drop rate due to the addition of the hidden hunter.