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Girl with Two Faces
Heidi's artwork for Blustone.
Blustone character
Coffee Rabbit
Debut April 26, 2018

Fighting is bad- Zzzz... Hey, you! You want a piece of me?!

— Heidi

Heidi is a playable hunter in Blustone.


Heidi is a girl who loves to sleep and can fall asleep under 3 seconds anywhere, anytime, as long as she rests her head somewhere. The reason she is always wearing pajamas and carries a feather-stuffed pillow is so that she can comfortably sleep anywhere, anytime. Because she's a sleepyhead, she can fall asleep during conversations, and even fall asleep standing during her walks. Midgard loves Heidi for her cute appearance and the unique way she talks. But there's one scary twist about her.

Right after Heidi falls asleep, her alter-ego, Hide, makes a comeback. Hide has the same face as Heidi but their personalities are completely different. Hide likes to start quarrels with her teammates, and also uses force with her duck-feather-stuffed pillow. But even an average adult male cannot stop her Herculean strength.


Hunter Rank Description Effect Activation Target
Experienced Hunter
Sweet Daydream Deals damage Active Enemy
Skill1 heidi.png For Heidi, she is in a sweet daydream, but her enemy is suffering from Hide's critical attack.
Experienced Hunter
Health Regeneration Heal over time Follows active Self
Skill2 hot.png Heidi's health continuously recovers through her taking a nap.
Instinctive Attack Increases damage dealt

Lv.50  15%

Passive Self
Skill3 atk.png The offense needs to attack enemies with incredible precision.
Proficient Hunter
Continuous Damage Deals damage over time
Enemy stops attacking temporarily*
Follows active Enemy
Skill4 heidi.png By chance, during her nap, she can constantly strike her enemies, dealing continuous damage.
Master Hunter
Flaring Fury Increases elemental advantage

Lv.50  25%

Passive If enemy is ElecIcon.png
Skill5 heidi.png Heidi's inner self is always burning furiously with anger. Her fire-like energy is particularly deadly to lightning-elemental enemies.

* This is not listed in her skill description in-game.


Type Description Effect
Weapon Big Rabbit Pillow Increases attack


Weap heidi.png We need to blame this pillow for its extreme comfort. Seeing as Heidi falls asleep as soon as she lays (on it.)
Armor Microfibrous Pyjamas Increases defense


Armor heidi.png Pajamas with superfine fibers that are very soft and warm. As soon as you wear them, you softly fall asleep.
Accessory Pompom Headband Increases HP


Acc heidi.png A headband you use to pull your fringe back when you are washing your face. But it is actually so tight that it makes your head feel numb.

Your Journey Thus Far[edit]


  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3


  • “Yawn~ It's weird. No matter how much I sleep, I'm always sleepy.” (introduction)
  • “Yawn… I’m so sleeeeeepy…” (beginning of battle)
  • “Back off of Heidi!!!!” (upon defeat)