Fight Club Shop

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You can buy items with Fight ChipFight Chip.png

Fight Club Shop is replenished every 12h.

Image Name Number Cost
Lantern Trace.png
Lantern's Trace 2 150
Akasha Trace.png
Akasha's Trace 2 150
Metron Crystal.png
Metron_Crystal 1 1000
2-3 Star Request.png
2-3 Star Request 1 1500
Elite Request.png
Elite Request 1 500
2 star hunter's trace 2 75
Unscathed Shell.png
Burning Flamestone.png
Sharp Metal Piece.png
Fresh Herb.png
Advanced skills advancement items 3 25
Invincible Shell.png
Scorching Flamestone.png
Unusual Metal Piece.png
Fruit-Bearing Herb.png
Expert skills advancement items. 3 75