Expedition Area

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Expedition Area
The Expedition Area
Blustone location
Prerequisites Clear opening tutorial

Expedition Area is a location within Blustone. This is a player vs. environment zone where you use fuel to explore areas. Every region has 10 areas which contains a hunter that resides in that region and unique stories relating to that hunter.

Every area drops different skill items, but all drop Evaluation Requests, Elite Requests, Rupee Tickets, Metron Fragments, or hunter traces specific to that region by chance and always drops rupees.

  • For levels ending in 1 or 6 (like 31 or 36), materials for training Offensives' skills are dropped.
  • For levels ending in 2 or 7 (like 32 or 37), materials for training Defenders' skills are dropped.
  • For levels ending in 3 or 8 (like 33 or 38), materials for training Bombers' skills are dropped.
  • For levels ending in 4 or 9 (like 34 or 39), materials for training Healers' skills are dropped.
  • For levels ending in 5 or 0 (like 35 or 40), no materials are dropped. However, you will see an increase in drops for traces scrolls, traces of the particular hunter for that level (if you are training at level 40, you will get Sylvester's traces) and metron fragments. It is a speculation that you see an increase in rupee tickets dropped, but this is unconfirmed.

Regional rewards are available by clearing areas and gaining stars. There are three regional rewards, one at 10 total stars gained in the region, another at 20 stars, and the last at 30 stars. You obtain the hunter specific to the region for gaining 30 stars. You obtain stars by satisfying the following conditions when clearing an area.

  1. Area successfully cleared.
  2. Complete the area in the allotted time. (Time bar is shown on the bottom left of the battle.)
  3. All hunters on your team have survived.