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Robot Engineer/Mad Scientist
Edward's artwork for Blustone.
Blustone character
Debut January 12, 2018

​Sparky, my friend and my son! My greatest masterpiece! What do you think?! This is the power of science and my greatness!

— Edward

Edward is a playable hunter in Blustone.


Edward always rides on his war robot "Sparky" and shows incredible combat power. When you use Sparky's full power that instantly maximizes Sparky's output, you can use Edward's gatling firearm attached on his left arm to inflict great damage and weaken your enemy's defensive power. Also, when using Sparky's full power, you could get damage immunity by chance.

But the best thing about Sparky is that Edward has put his heart and soul into developing Sparky's exoskeleton out of superalloy S. The superb defense of superalloy S dramatically reduces the damage that Sparky receives when hit. The reason Edward is so preoccupied with Sparky is because he feels that can make a human like him strong. This search for strength was sparked by the loss of his parents and brother during the war.

Despite his love and dedication towards his robot, Edward is usually cold towards other hunters. However, he seems to get along fairly well with Locke, whom he strikes a business deal with, as they both value time and money very much.

Edward also shows more warmth and compassion when talking to Calibur, as he considers her arm and leg as his masterpiece. He saved her from death 10 years ago, because he believes that no one should die from the war.

Like any other person, Edward has things he would prefer to keep a secret, such as the 'X File' that Sienna copies onto her USB thumbdrive. In exchange for her silence, he agrees to tutor her 3 times a week for a month, passing on his robot engineering knowledge.


Hunter Rank Description Effect Activation Target
Experienced Hunter
Sparky Full Power! Deals damage Active Enemy
Skill1 edward.png Focusing Sparky's power, he activates his gatling gun on his left arm and attacks the enemy with frightful fusillade attacks.
Experienced Hunter
Decrease Enemy Defense Temporarily decreases enemy defense

Lv.50  30%

Follows active Enemy
Skill2 defdown.png* Sparky's destructive full power temporarily decreases your enemy's defense
Experienced Hunter
Impenetrable Block Increases defense

Lv.50  15%

Passive Self
Skill3 def.png The defense requires a strong resistance in order to protect their team.
Proficient Hunter
Immunity Temporarily immune to all attacks

Lv.50  4 Sec.

Follows active Self
Skill4 edward.png When using Sparky's full power, you get power from unpredictable lightning by chance, and you are temporarily immune to all attacks.
Master Hunter
Superalloy S Increases damage reduction block

Lv.50  35%

Passive Self
Skill5 edward.png It is the main material used to create Sparky's exoskeleton. It is the strongest metal ever made.

* The current game UI mistakenly uses the Skill2 blockdown.pngblock rate down icon instead of the proper Skill2 defdown.pngdefense down icon.


Type Description Effect
Weapon Sparky Increases attack


55px A robot that Edward says is his child, friend and lover. It it no wonder that it's an almighty robot.
Armor Research Gown Increases defense


55px A research gown that he wore when Edward worked at the research institute earning a high salary.
Accessory Magnifying Glass Increases HP


55px *Must read: For combat power evaluation, not for cosplay. It is a magnifying glass for operational work.

Your Journey Thus Far[edit]


  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3


  • “Now, Sparky. Show them what you’re made of!” (beginning of battle)
  • “If only I had more time and money!” (upon defeat)