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Strange Old Man
Dumble's artwork for Blustone.
Blustone character
Coffee Rabbit
Debut March 9, 2018

Would you give me 500 rupees since the fight is over now? I'm hungry from moving around excessively

— Dumble

Dumble is a playable hunter in Blustone. He is currently the only hunter to have an attacking speed of 6.


When judged by his appearance, Dumble looks like a homeless man. The Lottery Mouse looked under an abandoned cardboard box and found Dumble sleeping. Other than his shabby clothing, what comes to your attention next, are his long floppy ears that indicate he's a Coffee Rabbit and his intense impression. His artificial left-eye, especially, gives an uncanny feeling.

But what is special about Dumble is that he is the last person to master an ancient martial art. This martial arts trait is that he can use his enemy's attack to his advantage. He uses the enemy's attack to control his enemy, and the stronger the enemy's attack, the more damage Dumble causes. The blue towel around his neck is another powerful weapon. It is said that it will maximize the ancient martial art's destructive power.

There is a rumor that Dumble was part of a research group that investigated the life before Midgard and Hunters existed. It is still unclear why Dumble, who was perhaps a strong young man in his youth, is now living like a homeless person.


Hunter Rank Description Effect Activation Target
Experienced Hunter
Tai Chi Deals damage Active Enemy
Skill1 Dumble.png He can cause damage from his attacking power, but additionally he inflicts damage based on his opponent's attacking power.
Experienced Hunter
Increased Chance of Defense Temporarily increases block chance

Lv.50  35%

Follows active Self
Skill2 blockup.png When using Tai Chi, his stiff body is loosened. This temporarily increases the chance of his defense ability.
Impenetrable Block Increases defense

Lv.50  15%

Passive Self
Skill3 def.png The defense requires a strong resistance in order to protect their team.
Proficient Hunter
Blue Towel Deals damage Follows active Enemy
Skill4 Dumble.png When using Tai Chi, for a set probability, his glass eye can detect multiple targets and he can attack the enemy with his blue towel.
Master Hunter
The Last Master Decreases defense

Lv.50  5%

Passive Enemy
Skill5 Dumble.png Dumble is the last master of ancient martial art. With his experience and martial arts expertise, he uses the enemy's attack at his will to corner his enemy.


Type Description Effect
Weapon Blue Towel Increases attack


55px It seems like a sacred item as it is clean and doesn't smell like the rest of the things he owns.
Armor Old Thermal Jacket Increases defense


55px It is also Dumble's blanket and house. But it seems like it's time for him to get a new one, because it smells like mold.
Accessory Eye of Truth Increases HP


55px He had to give up his real eye to learn a truth of the past. It is a glass eye that replaces his real eye.

Your Journey Thus Far[edit]


  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3


  • "Do you want to hear the truth of the world that I found through sacrificing my left eye?" (introduction)
  • “My experience is no match for youth!” (beginning of battle)
  • “Don’t you know how to respect the elderly?!” (upon defeat)