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Genius Climatologist
Blustone character
Debut June 29, 2018

What's inside this snowball, you ask? My dreams, ideals, ideas, and so on. But why does it hurt so much, you ask? That's a secret!

— Dino

Dino is a playable hunter in Blustone.


Dino is an average teenager with a peculiar interest in snow. But his achievements are anything but ordinary. He was awarded 1st place awards in global climatology, global meteorological observation, to name a few.

Dino ran away from home in order to go to Midgard so that he could continue his research more freely. He says that he has never before seen snow as beautiful as the snow in Midgard. It also seems like he enjoys hanging out with various other hunters.

As a young boy, he was sickly and spent most of his time in bed. Schumann often came to his house to tell him stories of the outside world. One day he made a wish on a snowy day and became well, which is why he loves snow and believes that it is miraculous, just like his recovery. Apart from Schumann, he also knew Natalia in the past, as her family used to attend parties hosted by Dino's.

In order to participate in the Fantastic Duo competition, he teams up with Calibur. He fears that he may be holding her back as he sees himself as inferior to the other bombers (Diana and Lantern), but she reassures him that he is just as good.

During his dialogue with Apollon, he mentions that he finds physical examinations nerve-wracking due to his small stature, but Apollon tells him that inner growth is more important than physical growth. Later on, he declares Apollon to be his role model.


Hunter Rank Description Effect Activation Target
Experienced Hunter
Artificial Hail Deals damage over time Active Enemy
Skill1 dino.png Dino activates his climate controlling device and makes artificial hail fall in a confined area. The enemies who are hit by his hail will receive (continuous damage.)
Experienced Hunter
Loss of Attack Ability Enemy stops attacking temporarily

Lv.50  3 sec

Follows active Enemy
Skill2 stun.png The enemy who is exposed to sudden hail suffers numerous bruises and temporarily loses their ability to attack.
Experienced Hunter
Supporting Gunman Increases damage dealt

Lv.50  10%

Passive Team
Skill3 bomb.png Having a bomber enables your team to launch more accurate attacks.
Proficient Hunter
Extraordinary Climate Change Deals damage to enemy team over time Follows active Enemy Team
Skill4 dino.png By chance, when using Artificial Hail, the hail can spread to a widespread hail storm. This skill inflicts continuous damage on the entire enemy team.
Master Hunter
A Genius Climatologist Decreases enemy defense

Lv.50  15%

Passive Enemy Team
Skill5 dino.png The direction of the wind greatly influences the fight. With the help of Dino, you will benefit by always taking the advantageous position.


Type Description Effect
Weapon Snowball Slingshot Increases attack


55px A heavy snowball and a modified slingshot. No one knows what's inside the snowball.
Armor Pilot Jacket Increases defense


55px A jacket made by a high-end kids brand. This is the only clothing that Dino took with him when he ran away from home.
Accessory Anemometer Backpack Increases HP


55px A backpack that has an anemometer attached to it. A climatologist needs to be able to check the climate any time, any place.

Your Journey Thus Far[edit]


  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3


  • "Everybody calls me a genius climatologist... but I don't know about that. I just like snow.” (introduction)
  • “I think it is going to snow soon!!!” (beginning of battle)
  • “It’s getting cloudy…” (upon defeat)