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The Little Match Boy
Bright's artwork for Blustone.
Blustone character
Debut March 23, 2018

Because we won we need a cake to celebrate, and the cake would have candles right? So, what would you need to light the candles?

— Bright

Bright is a playable hunter in Blustone.


When meeting Bright, it seems like in any given situation with him you will end up buying his matches. People may feel that it was a sly, coercive selling but hardly anyone in Midgard dislikes Bright. It is because when you talk with Bright your worries disappear for a while and you feel your heart at peace. Thanks to his innate empathy skills and appealingness, this effect is so great that it can help to literally heal a person. Bright can give continuous healing to his teammate, and weaken the opponents attacking power by making them lose their will to fight.

Bright became one of the best merchants in the world who succeeded at door-to-door sales by selling a single match. He is popularly known as the Little Match Boy. Due to his cute face and his soft voice, he has been mistaken as a girl innumerable times, but according to Bright's explanation, he is a boy. However, this misunderstanding has helped him in his matchstick sales, as he knows his appearance stirs up people's protective instinct and he uses this to his advantage. There are many assumptions that Bright is making huge profits from his match sales, but where he uses his money is yet unknown.


Despite using his feminine appearance to his benefit, Bright gets annoyed when Westfield insists that he is a girl.

Prior to moving to Midgard, Bright met Papillon on the streets, where she gave him a box of matches and a cup of tea. Ever since then, he has been trying to repay her and make her happy, but she refuses to accept any of his gifts. Eventually, with Locke's help, he manages to give her a bank account with one million rupees. However, she finds a roundabout way to give it back to him.

He looks up to Scar as a man, but feels like he may be unable to do it. This is because of the 'sound ghost' that he believes in, which is actually an echo, that has mocked him every time he shouted something in the valley. When he hears the echo, he believes that it is something that will never come true.

At some point, Bright mistakes Dumble's hair for flammable hay, and proceeds to set him on fire. After that incident, he becomes extremely apologetic, and visits Dumble in order to reduce the trauma that he caused. He is eager to obtain Dumble's hair as fuel for a fire, which he is gifted after setting Dumble on fire a second time in order to save his life.

Bright is also a decent actor, which is shown when he, Yuri and Athena stage being upset with each other, threatening to leave Midgard, in order to make Captain win the 'Biggest Crybaby Award'.


Hunter Rank Description Effect Activation Target
Experienced Hunter
Small Match Flame Recovery over time Active Field Teammate
Skill1 bright.png Bright can continuously heal the hunter on the front time with his warm smile and eyes along with the light of his little match.
Experienced Hunter
Decreased Enemy Damage Decreases damage dealt

Lv.50  30%

Follows active Enemy
Skill2 dmgdown.png When using Small Match Flame, Bright's smile diminishes the opponent's will to fight and weakens their attacking power.
Experienced Hunter
Public Health Increased maximum health

Lv.50  10%

Passive Team
Skill3 heal.png A helper should be in charge of the entire team's health and wellbeing.
Proficient Hunter
Camp Fire Recovery over time Follows active Team
Skill4 bright.png When using the small match flame by chance, the match will start a campfire. With the much warmer heat, entire team's health is continuously restored.
Master Hunter
Warm Light Recovery over time Passive Team
Skill5 bright.png Just by being next to Bright, team memebers feel their hearts warm and gain strength. The team's health is constantly restored.


Type Description Effect
Weapon Matches Increases attack


55px A basket full of matches. We will be out of business if it gets wet so handle them carefully!
Armor Young Gentleman Blouse Increases defense


55px How you dress is also another marketing strategy in the business world! After wearing a blouse, his sales went up 50%.
Accessory Matchboy Hood Increases HP


55px A hood that recreates the legendary Little Match Girl look 200%! This hood increased sales by a 100%.

Your Journey Thus Far[edit]


  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3


  • ​​“Buy the matches that bring you warmth and happiness!” (introduction)
  • “Buy your matches! It will warm your body and soul!” (beginning of battle)
  • “My fire… is out.” (upon death)