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Singing Poet
Apollon Gym.png
Blustone character
Polar Bear
Debut August 17, 2018

Close your eyes and listen to the string instrument. Does it pain you? That's the weight of life.

— Apollon

Apollon is a playable hunter in Blustone.


Apollon is a singing poet who writes and sings poems going around the world alone. He wanders aimlessly, and when a great musical motif comes into his mind, he sits there and writes music. Apollon is an emotional polar bear that moves everywhere to get inspiration. He just came to Midgard.

Many Midgard people were extremely nervous when they heard that another new musician had come, as they have had a bad experience with Bruce Bang. But their worries were gone when they heard the beautiful sound of the strings floating in the air of Midgard and fell in love with Apollon’s music. According to him, however, musical instruments can be a powerful weapon, depending on how they are played. Using instruments as a weapon was taught to him by Dumble, who became his teacher so that he would be strong enough to wander the world alone.

Due to being small and weak as a child, he was abandoned by his Polar Bear tribe, and was instead raised by Coffee Rabbits.


Apollon is able to remain calm under most situations, though he does get rather annoyed when Santa Clauster insists that he stole his present sack. When put in prison after being falsely accused, he writes a song about his feelings, choosing to remain there for inspiration even when the real perpetrator turns himself in.

After hearing an ancient legend regarding twin Coffee Rabbit heroes who helped Coffee Rabbits settle into the world, Apollon wrote a song about them. Lily believes that he is a stalker as the twins mentioned in the song resemble her and her sister greatly, and avoids him for a few days. During their eventual confrontation, the misunderstanding is resolved and the twins become curious as to what the song is about, as it could give them a hint as to who they were before they lost their memories.

Dino mistakes Apollon for a (huge) snow fairy and befriends him shortly after. He is able to predict the weather instinctively through his changing emotions, which Dino is able to relate to. Eventually, Dino declares Apollon to be his role model and makes him promise to bring him to the Central Pole some day, the place with the coldest snow.


Hunter Rank Description Effect Activation Target
Experienced Hunter
Performance of Passion Deals damage over time (ignores damage reduction block) Active Enemy
Skill1 apollon.png Special sound waves cause continuous damage to the enemy. Apollon bypasses the enemy's reduce damage for a long time.
Experienced Hunter
Ally Attack Power Increase Increases damage

Lv.50  30%

Follows active Field teammate
Skill2 atkup.png Apollon's performance strengthens the ally but is critical to the enemies.
Experienced Hunter
Supporting Gunman Increases damage dealt

Lv.50  10%

Passive Team
Skill3 bomb.png Having a bomber enables your team to launch more accurate attacks.
Proficient Hunter
Climax Deals damage Follows active Enemy
Skill4 apollon.png By chance, during "Performance of Passion", Apollon attaches cables to his enemy's position and inflicts an amplified sound wave attack dealing massive (damage.)
Master Hunter
Calm Passion Elemental enhancement

Lv.50  20%

Passive Team
Skill5 apollon.png Apollon's calm yet passionate performance makes the team's spirit clear and serene.


Type Description Effect
Weapon Contrabass Increases attack


55px Close your eyes, enjoy the music. A magnificent reverberation of chords... Oh no! Open your eyes, everyone is down.
Armor Gypsy Robe Increases defense


55px A robe that moves sadly in the winter storm. It helps bring out a wandering minstrel vibe.
Accessory Case Increases HP


55px A case to keep the contrabass. If you look at it being carried from behind, it looks like a huge beetle is walking.

Your Journey Thus Far[edit]


  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3


  • "Oh! A great musical motif has come into my mind. Would you like to hear it?" (introduction)
  • “This song is Symphony of Death.” (beginning of battle)
  • “A sad musical motif has come into my mind.” (upon defeat)