Alfheimr's Troublemakers

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Alfheimr's Troublemakers
Beyond the Bounds episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 1
Preview The City of Engineers... and two of the biggest troublemakers in all it's history!
Early Access May 31, 2016
Release June 24, 2016
Episode Chronology
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"Boiler Incident"

Alfheimr's Troublemakers is the first episode in Season 1 of Beyond The Bounds.


We jump back one day prior to Falling... and Lantern is assembling the final remaining pieces of his 100th ornithopter. Having hidden the finished result from his disapproving grandfather, he heads downstairs to clean his room only for his grandfather to demand that he open the door. Scrambling to hide the secret entrance to his workshop with his bookcase, he can't get it unstuck in time. His door is kicked off its hinges to reveal Nene. She'd been putting on a fake voice the entire time but shortly Leo himself calls for Lantern to come downstairs.

Leo mentions that he's received the CV for a job applicant but for now, he wants Lantern to investigate the automatic bake outside. He finds Tyltyl handing out the baker, a danger considering she has a tendency to ruin machines in her pursuit to be an inventor. All she wants is to tighten one screw which sounds simple enough but Lantern wants no part of it. Tyltyl, being as stubborn as she is, threatens to reveal the existence of the ornithopter to Leo leaving Lantern with little choice but to fetch a screwdriver.

One simple fetch quest later, the screw is tightened and... all hell breaks lose with the automatic baker, taking the nearest house with it. The first priority is to get rid of Tyltyl before she can cause any trouble so Lantern blurts out that Leo wants her to fix the local waterway. Not buying it, Lantern gathers recordings from his conversations with Leo and splices them together into a message praising Tyltyl's mechanic skill causing her to bolt off instantly. With Tyltyl out of the way, that still left the machine itself. Disassembling parts of the machine gives the duo access to the exhaust area which they block. Unfortunately, it only makes things worse once a pipe bursts, shooting rock solid bread in every direction and causing Lantern and Nene to retreat inside.

Arming herself with a broken pipe and Lantern's broken door from earlier, Nene wages a one woman war which brings the bread maker to a swift end. Coincidentally, the pair save the day just in time to hear how Leo's job applicant fared. At this point, Mowgli is introduced as Leo's new worker but the meet and greet is cut short by a loud explosion outside. It seems to be yet another of Tyltyl's mechanical failures, which brings the chapter to a close.