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A screenshot of the discovery of a hidden missing hunter.


There are certain hunters that go missing time to time during excavations. For an unknown reason, these missing hunters get caught up in the ruins. These hunters that have lost their minds will regard exploring hunters as intruders and attack without warning.

Although the Hunter Union puts up a notice when a hunter goes missing, it is impossible for the Union to know if a hunter is missing when they've disappeared in a deeper hidden place. These secret entrances can only be found by chance during an expedition.

These special areas can be explored for 1 hour by the discoverer of the ruins and their 10 friends once. The discoverer earns more prizes as more hunters participate, so they must invite as many hunters as possible.

Similar to the missing hunters content, the special missing hunters are also comprised of waves of enemies. The more waves you clear, the more rewards you earn. However, the monsters from these ruins are much stronger, so hunters need to take extra caution when they go in.

Hidden Hunters[edit]

Karl Steiner[edit]

Area: Deep in the Electric Abyss
Available trace: Karl Steiner Trace.png Karl Steiner


Area: Deep in the Cryogenic Abyss
Available trace: Nene Trace.png Nene


Area: Deep in the Volcanic Abyss
Available trace: Athena Trace.png Athena


Area: Deep in the Volcanic Abyss
Available trace: Hermes Trace.png Hermes

Special Search Hunters[edit]

Some hunters can only be found during events for a limited time period.


Missing Hunter Octavia was only available during the "Special Search for Octavia!" event.

Area: Deep in the Cryogenic Abyss
Available trace: Octavia Trace.png Octavia


Area: The Heart of the Electric Abyss
Available trace: Kain Trace.png Kain


Area: The Heart of the Electric Abyss
Available trace: Diana Trace.png Diana


Electric Hunters[edit]

These strategies work against Electric-type hidden hunters like Karl and Kain.

Strategy: Hermes+Lantern+Athena Method[edit]

Recommended Team: Hermes, Athena, Akasha, Lantern, Diana/Locke (use friend for whichever unit you lack)

  • Have 10 fevers ready for when Wave 4 Karl/Kain appears.
  • Use Lantern's skill.
  • Use Hermes's skill. Use again when his increased speed buff is over. Heal with Akasha when necessary.
  • Swap Athena before Karl/Kain uses their skill.
  • Continue tanking with Athena until Hermes is fully recovered. Bomb with Lantern in the meantime. (Heal with Akasha when necessary.)
  • Carry on hitting Karl/Kain with Hermes' skill.

Fire Hunters[edit]

These strategies work against Fire-type hidden hunters like Hermes and Athena.

Strategy: Double Nene Method[edit]

Recommended Team: Nene, Akasha, Lantern, Diana/Locke + Nene friend.

  • Basically the stalling way.
  • When Wave 4 Hermes/Athena shows up, make sure a Nene with almost full HP is ready.
  • Use that Nene to whack Hermes/Athena (use skill too, but always leave 4 fever for Akasha) till they are about to use their skill, then swap other Nene in.
  • After Hermes/Athena's skill, immediately heal both up with Akasha.
  • Continue hitting and using Nene's skill and regen. Heal when necessary.
  • Swap other Nene (hopefully recovered to full hp) in again when Hermes/Athena is about to use skill.
  • Repeat till Hermes/Athena dies.

Strategy: Octavia Method[edit]

Team: Hermes, Akasha, Lantern, Diana/Locke, Octavia (use friend for whichever unit you lack)

  • The quick and frenzy way.
  • Have 10 fevers ready for when Wave 4 Hermes/Athena appears.
  • Use Octavia's skill. Use again when her invincibility is finished.
  • Heal up before Hermes/Athena uses their skill, and swap in Akasha or Diana/Locke to sacrificially tank Hermes/Athena's skill.
  • Tank for a while with Hermes (since Octavia would still be dizzy)
  • Switch back to Octavia and beat Hermes/Athena to death.