VSFan Outage

Hi there. You were probably looking for Visualshower info, huh?

Unfortunately, due to a hardware corruption with the server that the VSFan wiki was hosted on, the site is currently offline.

I'm working on it when I can. I also work a full time job so I don't exactly have all day to work on this.

For the technically curious, I've set up a timeline of events just below. I'll be updating it as I make progress towards restoring the site. I haven't set an ETA on this. Due to unfortunate timing, I'll be away on a work trip later this week so it may be a week or so until things are back on track.

If there's something urgent you'd like to contact me about, you can send it to admin@vsfan.net or send me a tweet.

July 15, 2018

Upon further inspection, it seems that the dump that was exported ends on December 29th, 2017. The original dump I ran may have done nothing leading me to think it succeeded when really I copied out an old backup. Going to see if I can reload the original database and generate a new, accurate dump.

July 14, 2018

The request was picked up, assigned and completed. Most things seem to be back in order although images and extensions will still need replacing. I'll need to do a bit more assessment to see what's missing.

July 13, 2018

I lodged a request with the Miraheze staff asking if they could manually import the VSFan wiki dump.

July 12, 2018

I haven't spent any time on backups since July 10th due to be away on a work conference as mentioned before. I attempted to import the vsfan wiki dump (pages w/ contributor metadata, edit history etc) but received a 503 Gateway Timeout. Emailed one of the system administrators to request a manual upload of wiki backup data. Images and other data will still need uploading. Nothing more than just uploading images with the proper names may be required. Unfortunately, user accounts will need to be recreated. I've manually craeted a few of the core contributor accounts which should inherit past edit history. I'll likely invest more

July 10, 2018

Received a wiki deployment from Miraheze. Going to start initially importing content over later today. I don't expect it to be that easy though.

July 9, 2018

Lodged a request with Miraheze for more info about their ad-free mediawiki hosting. If it's exactly as promised, this can remove myself as a technical dependency without having to resort to a worse alternative like wikia. I don't mind supporting the site but I'm no longer an active contributor so myself being an admin in any sense is redundant. It should be up to those who contribute to drive the direction of the site.

I'm going to finish up the process of exporting the database tomorrow as it's getting late.

Whipped up the status page you're currently reading because any news is better than nothing.

Completed backup of wiki assets. Database files retrieved but aren't usable in their current form. I'll need to load them into a mariadb instance and then do a proper export for later restoring.

Booted server into rescue mode and started exfiltrating wiki assets via rsync

Further inspection revealed that the bootloader for the entire virtual instance was missing. Figured it'd be quicker to just rebuild the entire server than mess around with fixing the boot disk remotely.

Hosting provider response wasn't much help. Decided to just manually diagnose the issue myself after work.

Confirmed that the site was indeed offline and filed a support ticket with the hosting provider.

July 8, 2018

Noticed the aforementioned email later that day and noted that the site seemed to be timing out. Made a note to check it in the morning

Received an email about the vsfan.net server being manually restarted due to a failing hardware node. This was performed by the provider with very little notice. Nothing should have changed, as the server is designed to automatically start everything required to run and serve the wiki.